Tomato Jam


The cold late spring and late summer for some reason meant good fruit yields, that includes tomatoes. The vine tomatoes at the Indian shop were irresistibly fragrant. Tomato vines/stalks always seems to me more fragrant than the fruit. Just smell the vine tomatoes with and without the attached stalk and you will understand what I mean. I came home with a couple of kilograms of gorgeously fragrant red tomatoes.

My mother always made tomato jam for as long as I remember whenever tomatoes were in season. That is the only jam she made, but it was delicious and in demand. She never peeled the tomatoes and the skin was candied in the sugar and enhanced the jam. Sometimes she perked up the jam with cardamom, which gave it a different dimension. But I decided to skip it to concentrate on the tomato flavour. Many a time, after a few days/weeks my mothers jam used to crystallise, Adding a little glucose syrup interferes with sugar crystallisation, so goes the theory, and it works as I discovered in my prior experiments trying to recreate my mothers jam. Continue reading