Meringue 101


Cooled meringue ready to finish

The sweet, snow-white cloudy wisps, with a melt in the mouth, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside goodness … who can resist it? I certainly can’t. A four or five egg white meringue is finished in a couple of days by just our family of four. It is simply the fastest disappearing dessert in our house.
First time I had meringue was the store bought ones from M&S food. These completely crispy meringue took me by complete surprise. Who though a mixture of just egg whites and sugar will be this delicious. But then it is not just the taste, it is also the texture. I thought it could not get any better till I watched Nigella cut into one of her creations, even over TV, the gooey centre was simply decadent, that I had to now make it. That was about at least six years ago, followed by many many more meringues, always homemade with a gooey centre. Continue reading