I am a foodie. Both my mum and dad are excellent cooks and grew up watching them cook and eating delicious south Indian food in all its glorious forms. And  after marriage, Brin turned out to be an avid learner, quickly turning out food like it was made by my mother. Took me time and circumstance to realised that I loved  cooking food, especially  given the experimentation and “behind the scenes” science at work. Since Brin cooks wonderful Indian food, I turned to the exotic (to us) Italian, French and Chinese,  to the delight of my children who are foodies themselves in their own right to the alarm of their mother. Especially our younger son, with all his “specifications” for everything he eats.  Though cook books helped, it is the millions of blogs and forums that really got me going. This is my little contribution to the mass of knowledge out there.


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