Mango Icecream

Mango Icecream

I love mangoes. Brin loves them even more than me (poor me). It is the nectar of the Gods! The number of varieties of mangoes in India is enormous, with such varied tastes and textures. In England, you really have to trawl the Indian shops to find the best tasting ones. And being airfreighted, they are expensive indeed. Supermarkets are not a place to buy mangoes, if you want the tasty and sweet ones, that is. Having said that, I have found quite bland ones in the Indian shops as well, so you have to know your mangoes. One of the sweetest and flavourful varieties is “Alphonso”, which sparks something of a craze in India during mango season. It as so stays well and firm after ripening which makes it ideal for export. But Mangoes are seasonal and expensive. Given an alphonso mango in hand, I would rather eat it whole than cook or juice it. So I use canned mango pulp instead, alphonso and kesar varieties are freely available even in supermarkets.


When I was thinking about ideas for ice-cream, I saw the can of mango pulp in the cupboard and devised a recipe. Starting with a 500 ml can of mango pulp, I added about 400 ml of homemade natural live yoghurt thinking I could dilute it with milk or water, but the flavour was perfect. Required sweetening, and adding castor sugar initially 50 gms and then in 10 gam increments, it was just a bit too sweet at 70 gms, perfect. So in the end, you could call it Mango frozen yoghurt. But it tasted way better than any frozen yoghurt as the yoghurt was homemade with full cream milk._MG_3132

Homemade Mango Icecream

  • Servings: makes 1 lit
  • Difficulty: Too easy
  • Print

A brinskitchen recipe


  • 500gm Alphonso (or other) mango pulp
  • 400 ml yoghurt, full fat, after all it is ice-cream and you are not even using cream
  • 60 – 80  gms caster sugar, depends on the sweet ness of the mango pulp


Could not be easier. Whisk the yoghurt and the sugar, till smooth and the sugar is mostly dissolved,

Then add the mango pulp and whisk well to blend.

Chill overnight and pour into ice-cream maker and churn till done.

Transfer to freezer proof box and freeze for at least 3-4 hours till well frozen.



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